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Rules for choosing dry food for Maine Coon

Good pet stores always offer a wide range of dry food: low-cost brands and the best - premium class and super premium class.
Many manufacturers produce a separate dry food intended specifically for Maine Coon breed.
The new Maine Coon owners ask the natural questions: "What is the difference between kinds of dry food? And why is it worth to buy a certain kind of dry food?"

Just note that dry food - is not the only type of cat food, because you can feed your pet with natural products (no cereals, no soups and etc., just a complete meal for the cat) in the form of meat, vegetables, vitamins. Of course, if you have enough time for preparation and cooking of individual dishes for your cat, you should adhere to other rules.
In this article, we will focus on dry food.
What are the rules of selecting dry food for Maine Coon?

Cheap dry food for Maine Coon. Why you should not save on dry food?

Do not buy cheap dry foods, which are often decorated in an attractive way - in bright packaging, food grains is in the form of fish or stars. However the cat does not care what kind of food to eat, because the taste of food is very important for cat. If you teach your cat how to eat cheap food, then in the future it will be a challenge to teach a cat to eat the more expensive and high-quality food. Before you buy a Maine Coon cat, make sure that you will be able to feed this cat or not, because they grow quite large and eat more than normal cats.

Expensive dry food better than the cheap dry food, because it contains balanced nutrients, high-quality proteins and minerals in the composition of the food. The raw material of higher quality used for the production of animal feed. It is worth noting that bird feathers is used as a source of protein in the cheap food. Of course, this mixture has a terrible taste, that is why all sorts of strongest flavors are added to the mixture. If you'll feed the pet with cheap food for a long time, it is not only leads to addiction, but also causes irreparable harm to an organism of your pet. The cat eats a large amount of cheap food, because of this, the cat is gaining weight quickly, and requires increasing portion of food. Adiposity for the Maine Coon is also dangerous as it is for humans.

Growing of Maine Coon kitten and complete diet. Breeder's recommendations.

During growing up Maine Coon kitten needs a complete diet, which will provide beautiful exterior - fur, whiskers, eyes;  the normal development of the musculoskeletal system - strong bones and muscles; proper functioning of internal organs - a healthy heart, liver, gastrointestinal and urogenital system; good immunity, absence of various diseases in the future. Do not forget that cats - are live creatures, not toys and they can have problems because of poor nutrition.

Premium Foods is much more expensive than usual, but it is more nutritious, so well spent more slowly. Packing of expensive food is not as bright as the cheap, but manufacturers use high quality raw materials and minimize all kinds of flavors. The cat is eating the food because she is hungry. Cat abandon the extra food portions when feels full.
If you have made your choice and decided to buy a kitten from cattery Maine Coon, the competent and conscientious breeders will tell you in detail about what kind of food it is desirable to use in the feeding of your new family member.

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