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Maine Coon кittens for sale in Minsk

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal, and it was impossible to mistreat her. On the street people respectfully yielded her way.

Maine Coon breed is worthy of respect and admiration

In this beautiful reality of former times is easy to believe when you see a beautiful and majestic Maine Coon cat. That this breed is worthy of all the respect and admiration.

In appearance cats - regal confidence and pride of lion, tiger severity and care, ease and generosity of lynx.At the same time they are affectionate, flexible, gentle. This is - the real favorites of the whole family, and especially - children. In some severe and confident look - Maine Coon kind and balanced, intelligent and good-natured behavior. They evoke a sense of respect for the men, gentle affection in women and have quality reliable companion for children.Each family member will have their attitude to the Maine Coon, but certainly all of these feelings and attitudes are very positive.

Maine Coon breed - a priority direction of work of our cattery Mara Pra Coona

Turning to our cattery Mara Pra Coona, registered in the international feline system FIFe, located in the capital of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk, where the work with the Maine Coon breed is a priority direction, you will get a friend for the whole family. The cat will certainly accompany you in the rural and country house, in the cottage and in a city apartment. Furry friend, who knows how to behave in any situation, it is the most significant, noble and collected from all extravagant breeds in the world. You will not see it among stray pets. Dustbin is uncharacteristic for him, he eat foods that purchased by the owner in the store or in the market, that are grown by your caring hands, or obtained by it independently as a result of fair hunting in the territory of your infield. Royal person. It focuses on the entire family, and the children willingly accept him into their games.

Maine Coon kittens for sale in Minsk in our cattery Mara Pra Coona

I advice true lovers of cats Maine Coon to buy kitten there where excellent and thoroughly established work with the breed as a whole, not just the sale of kittens Maine Coon.
The arguments in favor of buying a kitten in our cattery.
In our cattery Mara Pra Coona work with the Maine Coon breed is carried out according to international standards, in accordance with the rules of major international feline systems. Our Maine Coon kittens - are unique, well-groomed and healthy.
Sale of Maine Coon kittens in our cattery Pra Mara Coona is carried out only after completion of the vaccination procedure.
We sell kittens Maine Coon vaccinated against major diseases.
Our Maine Coon kittens are grown in family and surrounded by a caring person from the moment of birth. That is why our Maine Coon kitten characterized by psychological stability and relatively fast adaptation to new conditions. We strive to improve the breed. We want Maine Coons, who are born in our cattery, to be the most viable and healthy. To be recognized as the most beautiful and people can be proud of them in any country, in any city and in any countryside. Your friends admired them. Animals of neighbors give way to them with reverence.

Maine Coon in Minsk - dream and joy!
Maine Coon for sale in Minsk promises implementation of your long-standing dreams, joy for children and adults. It is a moment of human contact with nature and the world around them. We will not leave you alone! We will be happy with you in our cattery: luck blesses our work. Our small, pedigreed pets get into your capable hands. Let these amazing beautiful creatures will bring into your home a truly human joy, confidence in the whole and healthy optimism. Do not limit yourself and your children's desire to communicate with our smaller brothers, create in your own home or apartment fairy Curved seashore.

We are professionals, so we guarantee the quality in everything!

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