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Maine Coon is foodie or omnivorous?

Many believe that cat will eat all life food, that its owner taught her to eat in childhood. Is quite possible that with some species this number will be held, but not with the Maine Coons!

Proper feeding - the key to health of cat

It is known that the formation of the health and look of your cat, the term of its life and the ability to provide high-quality kittens depends on proper feeding. But cat will not think this way, placing the responsibility entirely on their owners. Cat will eat that is tasty for her personally. Cats have a very diverse and sometimes surprising gastronomic predilections: from pickled cucumbers to potato chips. But Maine Coon will never touche such "delicacies"! They are quite choosy and fastidious cats! They in some incomprehensible subconscious way appreciate feedings and healthy food offered to them. Therefore, you must correctly plan and calculate the power system for the breed Maine Coon even before the cat will appear in your home.

Maine Coon is a foodie. Is this true?

Coons often do not like the monotony of the diet and not eat to stagnant water, or chapped feed. Even if they are really hungry!If you decide to feed your pet diverse, but using cheap special feed, and only occasionally indulge them with elite expensive feed, then do not expect that your Maine Coon will be then again obediently eat old food.
If you can not spend money on expensive food on a regular basis, then:

Firstly, Maine Coon  breed - is not for you;
Secondly, if you have got a cat, it is best not to tease him! Cat perfectly remember the taste of the delicacy, which brought her in delight, and with great reluctance will return to eating of lower-quality products.
The representative of the breed you happy to demonstrate his "fi"! No, the Maine Coon will not angrily banging his paw on the bowl, demanding goodies - although some individuals are able to do so ... Maine Coon will not arrange hysterics, rolling on the floor and pulling at his coat. This is a very delicate, majestic and proud animals, they will not fall to a hysterics. Maine Coon will simply ignore proposed by you "Whiskas", he will not honor you with his glance. Some particularly harmful characters can occasionally come to the bowl with food, ostentatiously sniffing its contents and just pointedly, with the royal grandeur go.

How to feed Maine Coon?

There is an opinion that it is strictly not recommended to feed all the cats with only dry food, even the highest quality. The damage caused to the body, will be irreparable. This is not quite right..The main thing, if you constantly feed your cat with Super Premium class dry food, you must ensure that your cat has permanent access to fresh water and ensure that cat regularly drinks water. By the way, Maine Coons are not avid fans of dry forages. Cat finds it easy snack. Coons love fatty foods. Canned food with gravy or in a sauce, for them - it is the apogee of pleasure! Just cooked, fresh chicken meat also cause your pet to tremble with delight.
Maine Coons can be safely attributed to the glutton. They like to eat a lot at any age. Because of their natural curiosity they will certainly beat around the bush covering for your lunch or dinner table, and look to your plates in search of something edible for themselves. Like many other breeds, Coons actively react when their owners something eat, especially if the food smells completely unfamiliar and strange to them! They certainly show you theirs sincere intention of this feast! Do not get fooled by it!The maximum that you can do - it's just to give them to smell, not more! Even if the cat shows its willingness to taste it! Do not mislead them!

Please note that all cats - carnivorous predators, so their diet should strictly conform to their physiological needs! If your cat has become a vegetarian (it happens), you have to categorically deny him in this choice, gently but persistently agitate him to take in food meat products. Try to convince your pet that he needs to eat meat, it is necessary for the realization of his growth potential!

The ideal option for power Maine Coon is a natural feeding.Different types of meat should best meet the natural food of representatives of the cat family. It's a bird, rabbit, rarely beef. The last general should not be abused. Cats love raw fish - myth, that is formed over the years! Do not completely rule out the fish from the cats diet, but it should not dominate. The ideal and the correct scheme of natural feeding for the Maine Coon should consist of raw meat, raw fish, medium-fat sour-milk products, probiotics and plant foods as a source of fiber. Offal in raw form are also welcome and dearly loved by almost all cats. Milk provokes cats indigestion, but Maine Coons - cats are smart, they will not do more than a couple of sips. Do not accustom Maine Coon to sweet yogurt! After tasting, he will hope to enjoy it again and again. Natural plain yogurt can be a great complement to the meat diet.

What conclusion can we do about the gastronomic predilections of Maine Coons, by summarizing all of the above??
They do not eat everything and they do not believe that the food - it is only the saturation source.
Maine Coons are real foodies!
Fine, picky, clearly legible and, some instances, quite capricious.
But for example, as opposed to the Persians, they do not act up just for the sake of a whim, they act up strictly on the merits.

If you are ready to pamper and indulge cat claims on the variety and quality of the food, you, with a clear conscience, can buy a Maine Coon - an exciting and majestic animal.
The joy of buying Maine Coon will surpass in many ways all your efforts to care for him!

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