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Maine Coon cats with the Minsk registration

Good or bad, but people still love the most - the most...

Maine Coon cats from the Guinness Book of Records

In one of the cities of Nevada  Maine Coon breed cat named Stewie, has been recognized the longest cat and took an honorable page in the Guinness Book of Records. Bravo!

The length of the pet from nose to rump is 123,2 centimeters. All dogs will envy the size of a cat and fear rushes in pursuit of such a guileless giant, that glorified the names of his owners. Cat owners  proudly say that they brought cat in May 2005, and in 2008 appealed to the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, but by the time the cat still growing. The achievement was recorded on the termination of its huge growth.

Mrs. Hendrickson (owner) said that only five Maine Coons live in the house. They are very different - no similarity.But the one that hit the "laureates" does not cease to communicate with the owners, as the most prominent and oldest. He takes care of them as well as the owners of him.

Maine Coons is generally considered a Hercules among domestic cats. Adult males have large, expressive head and have broad musical ears with beautiful tassels on the tips, which the forest lynx have. And by the character these animals are very flexible, sociable and extremely friendly, even to stray mutts are condescendingly.

Our Maine Coon cats from Minsk

Read messages, admired and unwittingly catch yourself thinking that the beautiful creations from our cattery still more interesting and better than their distant relatives. Fertile Belarusian land, clean water, fresh air and natural food contribute to a significant improvement of the breed. Female and male Maine Coon cats always active, smart and very funny. All this determines the characteristics of an extraordinary nature, which contributes to a large demand for them. And let our competitors, do not take offense but the fact remains.

Selling of Maine Coon kitten - a sad event for us: too fast kitten accustomed to our conditions of life, it is difficult to relocate. Although we know in advance that the kitten gets a good hand, but still accompany kitten with excitement and some annoyance. Because it is our pet. Love and regret, humans, cats of this wonderful breed. They deserve it.

Do not hide and we will not shy - that representatives of the of Maine Coon breed cause such sympathy. Alertness, condescending look, silky coat, bushy tail cause joy in humans and the desire to stroke the cat on the back and thank nature for this beautiful creature.

Maine Coon female-cat - a very good mother. After the birth of her kittens, Maine Coon female-cat lovingly cares for them, feeds, protects from every sound, trying to pick them up on their feet faster. With that, the upbringing of offspring has been actively involved dad - male-cat. Maine Coon male-cats - very caring fathers!

We are confident that in our cattery will be born future famous cats-winners, who easily beat the record of their relatives from the State of Nevada. And if they do not become famous - it does not matter. These beauties, like Maine Coon female-cats, male-cats and kittens will bring people joy and happiness into the house and always will be in demand!

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