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Maine Coon – it is beautiful and a very interesting breed.
These cats are striking in their beauty, restraint, strong character, confidence, although beauty is enough to fall in love with this breed.

Buy Maine Coon kittens or not?
What you should know about the representatives of Maine Coon breed?

We offer you a small introduction to the Maine Coon breed 🙂
The character of these cats is very different from other breeds.
Of course, the Maine Coon kittens have still unopened potential, as well as ordinary children. You can only define a more peaceful, or playful, active character.
But all Maine Coon in common is that they are absolutely not aggressive towards other animals, and easy to get along with other cats, dogs, guinea pigs and other animals.
Do not worry if the family had a child - Maine Coon does not show aggression, jealousy, and he will not disturb.
Cats of Maine Coon breed - they natural born nurse and they are perfectly help in the upbringing of: notifying you that the baby woke up, soothe or entertain baby with their presence, as well as gently playing with the child.

Maine Coon male cats do not need to be isolated from the kittens, because they do not cause harm, but on the contrary - will take part in their upbringing.
A few Maine Coons in the house - it's pride!
And all pride members take an active and direct part in the upbringing of the offspring. Despite the fact that the Maine Coon kittens grow up as independent, independent-minded, they are quite attached to their owners. Adult cat everywhere follows the owner, but do not get underfoot and not impose their society. With strangers, these cats do not show aggression, but not at once will pay excessive attention - give them a little time to explore. If a guest worthy of respect - Maine Coon cat is definitely show it!

As it is known, the Maine Coon kittens grow long and quite large. The average weight of a representative of Maine Coon breed can be 7-9 kg for adult males and 4.7 kg for female cats. Despite its massiveness, they are quite mobile and active. This breed of cat-hunters! They need space for jogging, games. This breed can not be attributed to the so-called "sofa cushions" (such character more peculiar to the British, Persian cats). Maine Coon - hunters, so their favorite game will catch a toy mouse or a ball. And, of course, the owner for the Maine Coon - the best and reliable companion in games.

Maine Coons have well developed intellect. First of all - it's excellent memory, which is expressed in the fact that they are well remember the words and intonations, understand their owner. Many Maine Coon cats successfully trained to carry out the command "Give paw!" "Sit," "Stay," "Apport!" - performed with pleasure! But this does not mean that the Maine Coon kittens will not indulge. Communication with curious and intelligent cats hardly ever get bored.

A bright characteristic of Maine Coon is their amazing voice, which can not be confused with any other breed. If you do not like when cats howl, demanding food or attention, then you should stop your choice on this breed and buy Maine Coon kittens. Instead meows and cries, the Maine Coon is quiet and pleasant purr. Their purring does not meet a powerful and large stature of this cat. Maine Coons are very rarely make loud, and even more unpleasant sounds.

Maine Coon kittens choose their own space in the house, where they could remain independent, but close enough to the owner. Maine coon cats must be located in close proximity to the owner, in constant contact, but they do not always like excessive affection.

Those who carried out his plan - "buy Maine Coon kitten" - and became the owner of this wonderful creation, this person often remarked feature of behavior that Maine Coons received from the far and wild ancestors ... These cats can fall asleep almost anywhere, while the posture may be quite fancy, but they are so comfortable.

If we talk about the possible disadvantages of the breed, it can be called excessive alertness. Maine Coons are not cowards, Maine Coon - careful! Maine Coon is always on the alert, always in the attention! This character trait has remained, despite the many years of breeding. If you accidentally drop something behind the cat, it immediately reacts and hide in the shelter, take off the high furniture - where it will be impossible to get for some time. In addition, Maine Coons despite the fact that this breed is not aggressive and do not let out the claws at the game, often do not deny themselves in pleasure and sharpen claws. So, it is advisable to teach your pet to the scratching post from an early age to keep the wallpaper and furniture upholstery in the future. Maine Coon cats pretty smart, and once they understand what is required of them - they will begin to sharpen claws only in the provided space. Another interesting feature that will simply entertain someone and for someone can become a real tragedy - a genetic predisposition, which has become one of features of Maine Coon breed - before drinking the water they love to rake water... Someone just touches by paws to the floor next to a bowl of water, while others organize from this the whole ritual - dipping paws in water and form around a bowl real ponds, lakes, rivers. We conclude - Maine Coon - aboriginal breed - loves "live" water. Many Maine Coons, who live in a city apartment, on the basis of this addiction, get used to drink only water that flows from the tap... In any case, Maine Coon prefers to drink fresh water and drink it from a large volume dishes - just buy him the biggest bowl for water!

Every Maine Coon is unique!

But! It does not matter how much information you read about your pet - every Maine Coon is unique!
And only you as a loving and caring owner, as a person who took responsibility for it, who tamed, you will find all the details and features of each Maine Coon... You will love him for who he is! And he will answer your whole breadth of his boundless love and loyalty! And this love is mutual!

We offer to buy Maine Coon kittens in cattery Mara Pra Coona (Minsk Belarus).

We offer to buy Maine Coon kittens in our cattery Mara Pra Coona!
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