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Basic Maine Coon colors

Maine Coon breed is characterized in that it has a wide variety of colors.
If for Siamese cats is characteristic only one color, then Maine Coon palette of colors is wide enough.
In feline there are six basic groups of colors, but there is much more.

Maine Coon colors. Basic groups.

Groups of basic Maine Coon colors:

  • Solid color of Maine Coon cats characterized by evenly coloration throughout the length of hair.
    For cats of this color such demands - staining from root to tip of the hair, evenness and intensity.
  • Smoke and silver colors of Maine Coon cats include such colors as:
    chinchilla (shaded), smoke and cameo.
    Part of the colorant absorbed by the guard hair, whereby the color is retained only at the top.
    The standards describe the degree of color in each version.
    Newborn kittens can even look completely white, many may have a tabby pattern on the tip of the tail, but these qualities are temporary and usually at the age of 1-1.5 months old the true color begins to appear.
    Cats of this color often have green eyes.
  • Tortie color of Maine Coon breed combines black and red shades or a lighter variant - blue with a cream.
    In this case, it is desirable to have a evenly combination and mix of shades, but due to the fact that the influence is not possible, special requirements are not imposed.
  • Tabby colors of Maine Coon breed include spotted, striped, marble and ticked colors.
    Quite a lot of points at the shows given for the contrast and sharpness of color.
  • Bicolor color of Maine Coon cats is a combination of basic colors with white.
    Exhibition requirements for this group became much softer and even slightly different in different feline systems, but it is advisable to comply with the overall color scheme.
  • Color point scheme (Siamese) exposed to more severe requirements.
    Unacceptable dark spots on the belly and white on the point, a pale eye color and much more.
    For the Maine Coon cats - is prohibited.

Other colors of Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons may have all possible colors except the color-point (Siamese), lilac, chocolate and their variations.
Before you buy Maine Coon kitten decide with your tastes and preferences in color and ask the breeder all nuances and subtleties of your choice, is this color of your kitten or not, is color of chosen kitten meets the standards (animal price may depend upon this fact) or not.

It is believed that "Tabby" is the original color of wild and non-domesticated cats. This color is now also called "wild" and it is believed that this is the primary color for Maine Coon cats, as a representative of Aboriginal breeds.

Offering kittens in the cattery, breeders always indicate color, because each kitten has an official document from the club, which issues permits for mating and later - pedigree for kitten, who born as a result of such mating. The new owner receives the documents with the specified information. In that case, if you do not care about show career of your pet, and the color is not particularly affect the choice. The cost of such animal may be lower, but that does not mean that it will be worse.

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