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Maine Coon – it is beautiful and a very interesting breed.These cats are striking in their beauty, restraint, strong character, confidence, although beauty is enough to fall in love with this breed.

Basic Maine Coon colors

Maine Coon breed is characterized in that it has a wide variety of colors. If for Siamese cats is characteristic only one color, then Maine Coon palette of colors is wide enough. In feline there are six basic groups of colors, but there is much more.

Maine Coon кittens for sale in Minsk

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal, and it was impossible to mistreat her. On the street people respectfully yielded her way.Maine Coon breed is worthy of respect and admirationIn this beautiful reality of former times is easy to believe when you see a beautiful and majestic Maine Coon cat. That this breed is worthy of all the respect and […]

Maine Coon cats with the Minsk registration

Good or bad, but people still love the most – the most…Maine Coon cats from the Guinness Book of RecordsIn one of the cities of Nevada  Maine Coon breed cat named Stewie, has been recognized the longest cat and took an honorable page in the Guinness Book of Records. Bravo!

Rules for choosing dry food for Maine Coon

Good pet stores always offer a wide range of dry food: low-cost brands and the best – premium class and super premium class. Many manufacturers produce a separate dry food intended specifically for Maine Coon breed. The new Maine Coon owners ask the natural questions: “What is the difference between kinds of dry food? And […]

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