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The latest of our news! Just Christmas Tale.

Tale of three heroes - I do not remember whether they were brothers, is it a fairy tale, or, this really happened? But it was! And there was three of them, and they were always together, and all one by one (oops! It from another work ...)
A small reference to history - but I do not know if I can describe briefly?

What am I doing here ?! Oh! Yes ... it's simple!
The three brothers were born on 27 November. Three leaders! Three heroes.
... It will be a fairy tale, or a simple story, such as "sketches of life" ... we do not claim a place in history)))

Three Maine Coon kittens - Litter "R" -
most ordinary, feline, with a beautiful face, long-tailed, hairy ... and most-most!
Watch the life and development of the newborn Maine Coon in the adult cat - the most-most story! Here and now!
Well, now that we have the letter "R", then the names in this story will be relevant - Radziwill, Rurik and Rozum)))

More information you can see on page Litter "R".

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