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The exhibition season with wins!

KIEV-KISHINEV-VITEBSK-ODESSA - long, but interesting and winning road!

On March 30-31, 2013 in Kiev took place IX and X International, licensed by FIFe, cat shows,
organized by feline center Royal Feline
My glorious red Hiro ... we did not hope for a possible lack of competition in 5 class, and we avoid it failed ... The time when Maine Coons competed with themselves, have ended. And this time, we did not avoid a meeting with competitors...
But I still really love Kiev - luck to us! Judge Sonia Ivankov and as a result -
Hiro Top Coon - CAGCIB

... It's about a boy ...
... About a girl ... our girl is not simple! The girl we had - the whole Yolka! ... She did not participate in shows for over a year.
And now, she did not much like to take part. And mother said - "We have to take part! People already think you do not exist! Let's go! I'll show you people, you look at people!". Yolka all the way tell me that she was not in the form that it moth eaten fur coat that she had a bad figure at all ... and she wants to go home... Yolka told me the truth. While I washed her - her fur clogged drains, and while I was holding she at comparison - it became clear that Maine Coon can also be overweight. A "household" did not give rest, and the possibility of safely withstand the moment of glory!
Minute of fame waiting for Yolka both days of the exhibition ... shorter.
Yolka Top Coon - CAGCIB X 2, Nom BIS X 2, BEST FEMALE II cat. X 2

... We go further ...

On April 13 – 14, 2013 took place International, licensed by FIFe, cat shows «Primevapa 2013»,
organized by FELIS MOLDOVA under the supervision of the Swiss Club FEDERATION FELINE HELETIQUE-FFH
Hiro Top Coon - 2xCAGCIB, 2xNom BIS
Yolka Top Coon - 2xCAGCIB, 2xBiV, 2xNom BIS, 2xBEST FEMALE II cat.!
The exhibition season with wins! (2)

On June 8-9, 2013 in Vitebsk took place 63-th and 64-th International cat shows, licensed by FIFe,
organized by the Public Association "Belarusian Association of cat lovers " Felinolog".
All the same result ...
Yolka Top Coon - 2xCAGCIB, 2xBiV, 2xNom BIS, 2xBEST FEMALE II cat.!

... And our final show of the season in 2013 ...

On July 6-7, 2013 in Odessa took place 44 and 45 International cat shows, licensed by FIFe
organized by Feline Union of Ukraine and Odessa Feline Breeding Club "Lukomorye".

Good marks from leading experts and significant titles as a result of the work!
Visit Odessa and in itself is already a holiday, cat show - always a holiday for me, and productive exhibition - the best holiday!
Top Coon Hiro - CAGCIB - received the last mark for GIC - Grand Inter Champion FIFE!

And, again, Yolka! She also came, where do without Yolka?

Yolka Top Coon - nothing new )))

First day - САCS, Nom BiS, BEST female
Second day - CACS, BiV, Nom BiS, BEST female

The exhibition season with wins! (1)

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