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Show success!

On February 18-19 2012 in Minsk held the 55th and 56th International exhibitions of cats under the auspices of FIFE, organized by the Public Association Belarusian Association of cat lovers "Felinolog".

Кessi Top Coon - she really did not want to show, his whole appearance showed a total rejection of this event - so she got the first two CACS on the road to "Supreme" and only one NOM BIS ...
Hiro Top Coon - he was again in the junior class at the show ... and he was not lucky - he always has competitors who immediately BEST and win ... but he surely got his 2hEX1 and BiV.
Yolka Top Coon - well, who would have thought ... Yolka!
- on the first day she closed in good competition title of International Champion, BiV, but she lost nomination ... and she offended !!!
And on the second day - she was the best in the competition among 5 cats, and also received a nomination and became the best female!
She calmed down and behave decently!

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