Maine Coon cattery Mara Pra Coona

A good start!

On July 9-10, at the height of summer in the city near the blue sea - Odessa, held the 37th and 38th International exhibitions under the auspices of FIFe.
95 Maine Coons was represented in the group of semi-longhair cats!
Two of them - our girls - Top Coon Kessi (Queen Katyunya) and Top Coon Yolka (Princess Yolka).

Katyunya received estimates for the closing title Grand Inter Champion and she can already wear this honorable title, both days she won a victory in the comparison for the best in color among 9 adult animals, and was nominated for the main show, where she was awarded the highest exhibition title - Best Female II cat!
Start of show career of Yolka was even nicer for us.
On July 10, Yolka was exactly 10 months) and she had to compete in the competition among 5 cats for CAC ... The victory was on our side !!!
And she became BIV among 10 serious and very respected competitors, and by the end, Nom BIS!

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