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We havent kittens...

kitten, mammy

In the house it is boring … there are no kittens! … at the moment all of us have a rest. We gain new strength again to rejoice to birth of the best and most desired kids of Maine Coons! As soon as our ladies deign to please us, we will report about it to […]

We have kittens!

котята , три котёнка, мейн кун котята

The latest of our news! Just Christmas Tale.Tale of three heroes – I do not remember whether they were brothers, is it a fairy tale, or, this really happened? But it was! And there was three of them, and they were always together, and all one by one (oops! It from another work …)A small […]

The exhibition season with wins!

KIEV-KISHINEV-VITEBSK-ODESSA – long, but interesting and winning road!On March 30-31, 2013 in Kiev took place IX and X International, licensed by FIFe, cat shows,organized by feline center Royal FelineMy glorious red Hiro … we did not hope for a possible lack of competition in 5 class, and we avoid it failed … The time when Maine […]

And win again!

HIRO TOP COON – QGC TICA – Quadruple Grand Champion!Weekend (April 2012) we spent on the TICA show in our home city – Minsk. Prior to that, we visited other cities and countries, but now everything is close – convenient!

New title!

yoHIRO TOP COON – DGC TICA – Double Grand Champion!I do not know how to count, but somehow it turned out that our boy – Hiro Top Coon – still very small, quite by accident, and honestly, unexpectedly for us,closed on Catsburg 2012 very high and the honorary title – Double Grand Champion TICA!

Show success!

On February 18-19 2012 in Minsk held the 55th and 56th International exhibitions of cats under the auspices of FIFE, organized by the Public Association Belarusian Association of cat lovers “Felinolog”.

Maine Coon is never too much!

I came, I saw, I conquered! ..Something like this events developed, when I first saw the mother of our new cat.The decision to purchase another cat has not been easy and fast, and the negotiations with the breeder even harder! But … there is a will – if you really want, you will surely succeed!And […]

A good start!

On July 9-10, at the height of summer in the city near the blue sea – Odessa, held the 37th and 38th International exhibitions under the auspices of FIFe.95 Maine Coons was represented in the group of semi-longhair cats!Two of them – our girls – Top Coon Kessi (Queen Katyunya) and Top Coon Yolka (Princess […]


Katusha and General will not be bored, because new girl came to cattery!Absolutely “without complexes” Yolka, a new beauty, joined our family!Katyunya seriously mad at us at first, but then realized that the new member of the family does not prevent her to occupy her royal position, and in fact, only emphasizes it!


Top Coon Kessi again confirms her exhibition quality!On February 22, 2011, Kessi Top Coon received CACIB (judge O.Komissarovoy) and BiV, becoming the best in color!A special show-catwalk “Feline fashion” was carried out in the framework of the international exhibition of cats. She tried on outfit of Red Riding Hood. Costume suits her.Our Queen has won […]


On the first day of the international exhibition of cats in St. Petersburg (club “Bastet”), under the judgment of authoritative judge from Finland Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm, our General closed the highest title in the FIFe system – SUPREME CHAMPION!!!Now our cat – the first and far the only Maine Coon with the highest title in Belarus!… and we promised […]

Kessi Gomel

At the past FIFe international cat show in Gomel, in serious competition our Kessi Top Coon became «Champion», both days won BiV and became best in color, and was nominated for the first day of the exhibition and became Best Adult of II category, and on the second day – Best Female of II category !!!After such significant […]

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