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Jetta De Red Land*FR

...if you ever once think about the purchasing the Maine Coon, painted for yourself its ideal image - here's what you need to strive for!
Incredible beauty and charm - the most beautiful cat of Maine Coon breed!
This girl sunk into my soul since birth, when there is not clear what will grow out of her. She is the girl that pricked me in the most hectic place - in the heart.
"Pricked" in March 2014, just when she was one day old.
And she was born, as well as my unhealthy interest, on March 13...
The most ordinary cat can not be born in this date .. well, maybe for someone she is ordinary, but I told myself that day, that this cat will live in my house no matter what she will grow up.
She grew up incredible beauty - elegant, silky, long and thick coat bright silver color with the correct distribution of black and red tortoiseshell shades, decorated with beautiful white bibs, gloves and socks ...
She has a gorgeous, thick and long brushes on the ears. Her ears are properly set, have the right shape and size. Elegant, long tail, with a chic hair. Very correct, with chopped head shape. She has a beautiful rectangular filled "box". Strong chin. Smooth, but clearly expressed transition.
A bit slanted, but wide open, expressive eyes of gentle emerald hue captivate everyone who meets this feline beauty queen!
As a result of participation in exhibitions, in the ranking of TOP CAT Belarus-2015 Jetta De Red Land recognized as the best among all breeds of club "Felinolog".

Title: Grand Inter Champion (FIFE)photo cat Maine Coon tortie silver blotched tabby&blanc Jetta De Red Land*FR (MCO fs 09 22)
Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: March 13, 2014
Breed: Maine Coon (MCO)
Color: tortie silver blotched tabby&blanc (fs 09 22) 
Sir: Highlander de Chastre (MCO ns 22)
Dam: Hatena de Red Land (MCO f 09 23)
Breeder: Sandrine Hummel
Owner: Natallia Tsishkova

Jetta De Red Land*FR: photogallery.

Jetta De Red Land*FR: pedigree.

Highlander de Chastre
MCO ns 22

Timaracoon Everlasting Love
MCO as, 2011-01-22, NL/FR

Mainefield's Unforgettable
MCO as, 2009-08-04, AT/NL
Mainefield's Howling Wolf
MCO ns, 2008-07-07, AT/AT
Mainefield's Germaine
MCO fs, 2008-07-04, AT/AT
American Beauty's Cherry Lady
MCO a, 2010-01-29
American Beauty's Replay
MCO n 09 22, 2008-09-07
American Beauty's Quintina
MCO a, 2008-03-05
Alwaro Santica
MCO fs 09 22, 2011-01-11, DE/FR
Dotcom Lachlan Lad
MCO n 09 22, 2008-04-29, UK/PL
CH Lacocoon Hey Jude
MCO n 09 22, 2003-07-08, CA/UK
Dotcom Melinda
MCO n 09 22, 2003-10-04, UK/-
Alwaro Bristol Brie
MCO fs, 2009-06-12
Alwaro W'Volcano
MCO d 22, 2005-08-07, PL/PL
Alwaro Vera Crus
MCO fs 22, 2007-11-06
Hatena de Red Land
MCO f 09 23
Amibial Calvin
MCO n 23, 2011-07-15, PL/FR
Tahoe Long John
MCO n 23, 2009-05-01, AT/NL
Hiawatha of El Dorado
MCO ds 23, AT/AT
Kinky Boots the Purrfect Coon
MCO ns 22
Heidi Duch Nocy
MCO n 23, PL/-
CH Summerplace Sirius
MCO n 22, D/-
Duch Nocy Chantal
Emeraude de Red Land
MCO  f 09 23, 2009-09-02, FR/-
Domeye de Petite Leopoldine
MCO n 09 23, 2008-07-07, FR/-
CH Big Giants Resort Bon Jovi 1
MCO e 22, 2004-06-12, DE/FR
Appoline de la Vigne Rousse
MCO n 09 23, 2005-08-13, FR/-
Summerplace Savanna
MCO f 22, 2006-08-28
Shanty Hijacker
MCO d 22, 2003-02-09, DK/DE
Champagnes Beuty
MCO n 22

Jetta De Red Land*FR: show results.

information about showresults


FIFe, Minsk, Belarus, International Cat Show

Judges: Mrs. E.Noskova (RU), Mrs. T.Boiko (UA)

  • Ex.1
  • Ex.1, BiV


FIFe, Minsk, Belarus, "Felinolog"

Judges: Mrs. M.Vinkel (EE), Mr. I.Pruchniak (PL)

  • Ex.1, CAC, BiV, BiS nomination
  • Ex.1, CAC


FIFe, Kyiv, Ukraine, International Cat Show

Judges: Mr. S. Pruchniak (PL), Mrs. T.Boiko (UA)

  • Ex.1, CAC, BiS nomination, Best in Show, Best Of Best
  • Ex.1, CACIB, BiS nomination, Best in Show


FIFe, St. Petersburg, Russia, International Cat Show

Judges: Mrs. O.Komissarova (EE), Mrs. E.Zagorskaya (RU)

  • Ex.1, CACIB
  • Ex.1, CACIB, BiS nomination, Best in Show, Best Of Best


FIFe, Mogilev, Belarus, "Felinolog"

Judges: Mrs. O.Komissarova (EE); Mrs. E.Zagorskaya (RU)

  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiV, BiS nomination
  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiV, BiS nomination


FIFe, Jelgava, Latvija, International Cat Show

Judges: Mr. K.Preiss (NO); Mr. L.Coste (FR)

  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiS nomination, Best in Show
  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiV


FIFe, Moscow, Russia, International Cat Show "Russian Winter"

Judges: Mr. J.M.Pillonel (CH); Mrs. O.Poluektova (RU)

  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiS nomination
  • Ex.1, CAGCIB, BiS nomination


FIFe, Minsk, Belarus, "Felinolog"

Judges: Mrs. O.Komissarova (EE); Mr. C.Spijker (NL)

  • Ex.1, CACS, BiV, BiS nomination
  • Ex.1, CACS, BiV, BiS nomination

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