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Enigma White Luxury*BY

Charming young creature! He is the embodiment of all the best, what can be proud of the most eminent representatives of Maine Coon breed.
This bright, creamy beauty - the daughter of the most beautiful and award-winning Maine Coon of Belarus.
Her parents - the pride of the Lithuanian, Polish and Czech breeders of Maine Coon cats!
Very harmonious girl has huge potential - a beautiful head, excellent transition, expressive eyes, well delineated box, strong chin, perfectly set, big ears with luxurious brushes, which are the envy of any Maine Coon.
Strong, long body with incredible length and strong legs and incredibly fluffy tail!
Active cat, provocateur, an optimist, a perpetual motion machine - this cat is brought to the flow of new energy and joy in our house!
I express my gratitude for this gift of fate and for entrusting me to breeders - Oksana and Vladimir Samarkin!

Title:photo cat Maine Coon cream tabby&blank Enigma White Luxury*BY (MCO e 09 22)
Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: December 29, 2015
Breed: Maine Coon (MCO)
Color: cream tabby&blank (e 09 22) 
Sir: SC Lordcoon Don Ceron (MCO w 62)
Dam: Leila Nice Coon (MCO f 22)
Breeder: Oxana Samarkina
Owner: Natallia Tsishkova

Enigma White Luxury*BY: photogallery.

Enigma White Luxury*BY: pedigree.

Lordcoon Don Ceron
MCO w 62

Bosque Bestia Arctic

SC Yoel Mori Perla ANNaRU
MCO d, PL/-
EC Bon Vivat Medium Color
MCO n 09 22, 2005-06-01, PL/-
Jane Eyre of Baydar
MCO g 22, PL/PL
Multicoon Tipsy Eve
MCO w 61
EC Savincoon Iron Man
MCO w, 2006-11-04, DE/-
Multicoon Isla Bonita
Alwaro Blink Arrow
MCO f 22
Alwaro W'Volcano
MCO d 22, 2005-08-07, PL/PL
IC Wytopitlock H'Bono Madox
MCO n 09 22, 2002-06-17, DK/PL
Alwaro I'Priscilla
MCO f 22, 2004-04-10, PL/PL
Top Coon Jeta
MCO f 23, 2007-03-21
IC Ares Querer
MCO d 23, 2005-08-28, PL/PL
GIC Alwaro Wiktoria
MCO f 22, CZ/PL
Leila Nice Coon
MCO f 22
G-Power z Matrixu
GIC CoolMotion's Quicket
MCO e 22
Pillowtalk's Pik Ass
MCO n, DE/-
Pillowtalk's Desibel
MCO g 22, 2006-10-14, DE/DE
Moira May Look of Lynx
MCO f 22
GIC Hawkwind's Urmel
MCO n, DE/-
Daien May Look of Lynx
MCO g 09 22
Havana Nice Coon
MCO g 22
CH Jantar Sall of Merrity Cats
MCO d 22 (d 09 22), CZ/PL
IC Barclay Cat Cabaret
MCO d 22, PL/CZ
IC Aloa's Long-Legged Sally
MCO f, 2005-08-25, DK/DK
GIC Dalia Nice Coon
MCO f 22, PL/PL
SC Dark Age Phoenik
MCO n, PL/-
GIC Esmeralda Amber Sun
MCO f 22

Enigma White Luxury*BY: show career.

information about showresults


FIFe, Odessa, Ukraine, International Cat Show

Judges: Mr S.Pruchniak (PL)

  • Ex.1, BiV, BiS nomination

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