Maine Coon cattery Mara Pra Coona

Maine Coon cattery Mara Pra Coona

We welcome you in our little virtual house of big real cats - cats of Maine Coon breed!

His Majesty the Maine Coon!

Maine Coon cattery Mara Pra Coona 535х535Cats have always been our companions for life… and in a country house, and in a city apartment, anyway - picked up on the street, purchased, gifted, incoming and outgoing, and just - talismans.And now, his Majesty - Maine Coon! These cats are worthy of respect and admiration. And if you find our house by wandering in a huge cobweb of the Internet, it means that you already know who is the Maine Coon!

Branded brutal look, lynx brushes on the ears, muscular body on the strong furry legs, luxurious tail, thick silky coat – all this are absolute qualities of Maine Coons, which gives them a memorable and unique look. However, even this is not important – the most important quality of our favorite breed is the CHARACTER.

The time from the first acquaintance with the breed until a strong, but extremely tender and soft paws of little Maine Coon cross the threshold of your home, sometimes seems just like an eternity. We can only dream of! This is how the name of our cattery was born. Despite the fact that it is written in the Latin script, it is possible to translate from Belarusian… Мара – this is a Dream. MaraPraCoona – this is a Dream about Maine Coon. However in this case Maine Coon - is not just a cat, it's the cat, that you love even before its appearance in your house, and after you get to know cat better, you realize that this Cat - is an inexhaustible source of optimism, your faithful friend, understanding companion, polite and attentive listener, and an interesting conversationalist.

Maine Coon Cattery Mara Pra Coona - Your dream can come true!

Maine Coon Cattery Mara Pra Coona is registered in the international feline system FIFe and is located in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Cattery  is small, we do not aspire to a large number of breeding pets, each of our pets is unique and loved. We will never have a lot of kittens, but all our efforts will always be focused on getting and raising healthy Maine Coons with  interesting type and the best by the character, because these cats are undeniably beautiful.

The main goal of the work of any cattery - raising healthy, psychologically stable and socially adapted certain breed kittens. Now our country has a lot of catteries that breed Maine Coon cats. Each of us has own plans and aspirations, but we can say - we want that beautiful, interesting and vivid animals become representatives of the Maine Coon breed! We want to see how cats, that were born in Belarus, will become recognizable at trade shows in other countries.

Dream - is the main word in the name of our cattery. The dream about the most pleasant, good and bright, strong and good, dream  about a true friend, a safe buddy and a pleasant companion… The dream about the Maine Coon – Mara Pra Coona – and let your dreams come true!

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